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Stanford Report, May 6, 1998

McCormick scholars named: 5/6/98

McCormick scholars, travel awardees named

THE KATHARINE MCCORMICK Bequest Committee has announced last month the winners of its 1998 fellowship and travel awards.

This year's McCormick Fellows are Dr. Rama Balakrishnan, postdoctoral fellows in biochemistry; Dr. Aude Fahrer, postdoc in microbiology and immunology; Dr. L. Kris Gowen, postdoc in psychiatry; Dr. Li Man, postdoc in moleculary pharmacology; and Dr. Rachel Marcus, postdoc in cardiovascular medicine.

The Trainee Travel Awards enable graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and medical students to attend scientific meetings in their areas of research. This year's awards go to Dr. Julie Buckley, postdoc in radiology; Dr. Cynthia Castro, postdoc with the Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention (SCRDP); Dr. Bertha Chen, acting assistant professor of gyn/ob; Constance Chen, medical student in psychiatry and medicine; Gina Costa, grad student in medicine and immunology; Virginia Goss, grad student in biochemistry; Dr. Stacey Hart, postdoc in psychiatry; Dr. Denise Johnson, assistant professor of surgery; Dr. Christine Lekutis, postdoc in microbiology and immunology; Dr. Ashima Madan, acting assistant professor of pediatrics; Dr. Olivia Martinez, assistant professor of surgery; Alane Murdock, grad student in neuroscience; Dr. Huijun Ring, postdoc in genetics; Dr. Massy Safai-Infanger, postdoc in nephrology; Dr. Priscilla S.A. Sarinas, assistant professor of medicine (pulmonary and critical care); Colleen Sheridan, grad student in molecular pharmacology; Dr. Salli Tazuke, postdoc in developmental biology; Dr. Tracey Vogel, postdoc in anesthesia; Dr. Sara Wilcox, postdoc in the SCRDP; Dr. Elizabeth Winzeler, postdoc in biochemistry; Heidi Witherell, medical student in infectious diseases and epidemioloy; and Sara Wurtz, grad student in psychiatry.

Katharine McCormick was a lifelong feminist and supporter of medical research. In 1969, she bequeathed $5 million to assist and encourage women pursuing careers in academic medicine at Stanford. Each spring, funds from the bequest are used to provide support for training of women MD or PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty.