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Stanford Report, March 11, 1998

Website on financial support for grad study: 3/98

Webwatch: Online documents available on funding of research assistants

Two documents with information related to financial support for Graduate Student Research Assistants are now available in the Research Policy Handbook online at "Estimated Tuition Charges for Sponsored Projects" is a spreadsheet that displays direct tuition charges to sponsored projects for a research assistant. It has been updated to reflect 1998 tuition levels. The "1998-99 Minimum Salary Rates for Graduate Student Research Assistants, Teaching Assistants and Postdoctoral Research Affiliates" is a memo from Tom Wasow, associate dean of graduate policy, that resets minimum salaries for these employees. Links to these documents can be found in the handbook in Chapter 3, "Financial Aspects of Sponsored Projects," and in Chapter 9, "Non-Faculty Research Appointments." Furthermore, a clarification has been made to Stanford's royalty-sharing policy in "Inventions, Patents and Licensing." This concerns situations involving multiple inventors from more than one Stanford department. It does not change the underlying policy on patents or royalty sharing. For further information, contact Ann George, assistant dean of research, at 723-9721 or write to anngeo@leland. SR