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Stanford Report, March 11, 1998

Anthro's Textor Award for students: 3/98

Student nominations open for Anthropology's Textor Award

The Department of Anthropology invites nominations for the Robert Bayard Textor Award for Outstanding Anthropological Creativity. The award recognizes the innovation and creativity that Textor encouraged in his teaching, research and writing. Any student, regardless of major or program, who has shown outstanding creativity in the use of anthropological approaches to a significant problem, is eligible for consideration. The award includes a prize of $500.

Faculty members should submit a brief memo stating why the student's work is outstandingly creative in an anthropological sense and why the problem is significant. The nomination should include evidence of such creativity in the form of a research paper, a thesis or dissertation, a research proposal, a graphic or plastic model, a computer program, a film, or a multimedia presentation.

The deadline for nominations is April 1. They should be sent to the Robert B. Textor Creativity Award, c/o Latanya Carroll, Department of Anthropology, mail code 2145. The award will be announced before the close of spring quarter. SR