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Stanford Report, March 11, 1998

Update on Encina Hall construction: 3/11/98

Encina construction update

Heavy demolition around Encina continues for the next two weeks and will be very noisy the nights of March 13 and 20 and during the day on March 14 and 21. On weekdays, noisy demolition will take place until 9:30 a.m. Also during the day, construction workers will be in office areas inspecting fire alarm, electrical and plumbing systems. Material deliveries to Encina East and Encina South will continue, causing possible traffic delays on Arguello Way. Pedestrians and cyclists should proceed carefully and travel through the adjacent parking lot to avoid vehicles. A concrete pour at Encina South is scheduled for March 16. The arcade archway at Arguello (between Encina Commons and Encina East) will be closed to all traffic, including pedestrians, until March 17. SR