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Stanford Report, March 11, 1998

The 'Netiquette' of email attachements: 3/98

‘Netiquette’: Tips for sending e-mail with attachments

Eudora e-mail program users have discovered that sending and receiving e-mail attachments is an efficient way to transmit information electronically. An attachment is an independent computer file that has been sent with (attached to) a regular e-mail message. Any computer file ­ such as a spreadsheet, a shareware computer program or a digital picture ­ can be e-mailed as an attachment.

However, if you've ever received or sent something that ended up looking like #SD#)(QJDSEMKLEB+@LLAP*%08 !13!!, you know that it doesn't always go smoothly. Handling e-mail attachments requires you to be thoughtful of the recipient before you send an attachment. If you use Eudora, here are some tips:

For help using e-mail on campus, contact your Expert Partner or Resident Computer Coordinator. You can also contact Sweet Hall Consulting at 725-2101 or consult@leland for questions about Leland-based e-mail, or ITSS Customer Assistance at 725-8181 or consult@forsythe) for questions about Eudora, EMS or Wylbur Mail. For more comprehensive information about dealing with attachments on the EMS and Forsythe system, including how to encode and decode files (in case you receive an attachment from someone who wasn't aware of the problems it can cause for Forsythe users), check the web at:

To get information on how to send and receive attachments in Pine, see "Getting Started With Pine," located on the web at and in paper form at the Meyer, Sweet Hall and Tresidder computer clusters.

­ Joy Rewick, ITSS