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Stanford Report, January 28, 1998

Winners of RPR grants: 1/28/98

RPR grants: The winners are...

This year's seven RPR grants will support projects in both basic and clinical research and were awarded to junior as well as senior faculty members. The recipients and their research topics are:

* Dr. David Cox, professor of genetics (analysis of cardiovascular candidate genes)

* Ronald Davis, professor of biochemistry (drug discovery using genetically tailored yeast)

* Peter Jackson, assistant professor of pathology (creation of mouse models for tumor progression)

* Dr. Louie Naumovski, assistant professor of pediatrics (chemotherapy-resistant genes in solid tumors)

* Garry Nolan, assistant professor of molecular pharmacology (complementation cloning)

* Joseph D. Puglisi, associate professor of structural biology (RNA as a potential drug target)

* Dr. Gary Schoolnik, professor of medicine and chief of infectious and geographic diseases (antibiotic discovery).