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Stanford Report, May 21, 1997

1997-98 Staff Salary Guidelines

These are the guidelines for 1997-98 staff salary increases issued by Condoleezza Rice, Provost, and Mariann Byerwalter, Vice President for Business Affairs and CFO.

Most exempt positions at Stanford are assigned to curve ranges for salary-setting purposes. The lower and upper curve lines define the possible minimum and maximum salary for an employee.


The salary program applies to all regular non-academic staff except:

* Bargaining unit staff: The September 1, 1994 Stanford University/ USW Agreement expires August 31, 1997. Guidelines and tables for the bargaining unit will be issued as soon as a new contract has been negotiated.

* Police: Refer to the August 1, 1995 Stanford University/Stanford Deputy Sheriffs' Association Agreement for guidelines and tables.

Salary range adjustments

Effective September 1, 1997, these salary ranges will be increased by 3.5 percent: Curve Ranges, Four-Step Ranges for nonexempt/non-bargaining unit employees, Supervisory Ranges, Nursing Ranges, and Bing Teacher Ranges.

Employees on steps

Four-Step Ranges: The Four-Step Range structure will be increased by 3.5 percent. Employees on Steps A through C will receive this range adjustment on Sept. 1, 1997. In addition, these employees are eligible for a one-step increase on their annual salary review date (subject to fully satisfactory performance). The salaries of employees on Step D or in the merit zone will be based on performance and contribution. See guidelines described in the section below, "Employees in performance-based pay structures."

Nursing Ranges: The Nursing Range structure will be increased by 3.5 percent. All employees will receive this range adjustment on September 1, 1997. In addition, employees on Steps 1 through 6 will receive a one-step increase on their annual salary review date (subject to fully satisfactory performance).

Employees in performance-based pay structures

Employees in performance-based pay structures include:

* Exempt employees paid on the Curve Ranges

* Nonexempt employees paid on the Four-Step Ranges who will be on Step D or in the merit zone as of Aug. 31, 1997

* Exempt and nonexempt employees paid on the Supervisory Ranges

* Teachers paid on the Bing Teacher Ranges

Salary increases for this group of employees should recognize and reward individual performance and contribution. Schools and VP areas develop and administer their own salary-setting and program-delivery guidelines, which relate to their performance-ranking systems, within University budget guidelines. Each school and VP area is expected to withhold, as necessary, some percentage of the total salary program authorization of 3.5% to address mid-year increases, internal equity, and exceptional performance. As a result, there will be variations in program announcements by schools and VP areas.

Supervisors or unit managers will be expected to make judgments about the relative performance of their employees and to recommend corresponding salary increases. All recommendations for salary increases should be supported by documented performance evaluations maintained by the departments.

Departments are currently preparing 1997-98 salary increase proposals for their staff employees. The time frame for setting and announcing salaries is set internally by local areas. Approved salaries will be effective September 1. If you have any questions about the staff salary program or related information, contact your supervisor or Staff Affairs Officer.