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Stanford Report, June 18, 1997

Stanford Business School confers degrees: June 18, 1997


Charles E. Glew Jr., a Harvard undergraduate who had worked for venture capital and software product management firms before enrolling in the MBA program, was named the top student among the 347 classmates who received their degrees from Stanford Business School June 15.

In addition, 47 participants earned Master of Science degrees as graduates of the year-long Sloan program for mid-level managers, and five Ph.D. graduates received their ceremonial academic hoods.

Grades are not posted at the Business School. The only formal indication of academic standing in the MBA class is at graduation when the names of the top 10 percent of the class are read and the top student is identified as the Henry Ford II Scholar. The top students collectively are known as Arjay Miller Scholars, in honor of Dean Emeritus Miller. As Glew's name was announced, he was mobbed briefly by his fellow Arjays who had each received a handshake and a certificate from Miller.

The list of Arjay Scholars included a husband and wife team, Sharon and David Gross, of Durham, N.C. Yonathan Epelbaum, from Mexico City, who holds a doctorate in mathematics from Yale, received the Alexander Robichek Achievement Award in Finance as the outstanding student in this field. The award honors the memory of Robichek, a member of the school's finance faculty in the 1960s and 1970s.

Members of each MBA class select a classmate to receive the Ernest C. Arbuckle Award, named for the late Business School dean to recognize "participation, initiative, leadership and personal integrity" of a classmate. The Class of 1997 honored two members - Carrie Culp of Charlotte, N.C., and Eric Mulkowsky of New York City. Both students were active in the school's Public Management Program. Culp also worked with the student show and the yearbook. Mulkowsky chaired the student Academic Committee, was active in the Challenge for Charity fundraising program for the Special Olympics, and served as humor editor for the student newspaper.

"The notion of community is of critical importance to our experience at the GSB as well as for society as a whole," wrote one classmate in nominating Culp. "For me, no one better embodies multiple levels of community than Carrie."

"Eric Mulkowsky lives each day seeing the good in others," said one of his nominators. "He's the one in the study group who understands option pricing theory (and can explain it). The one who remembers your name after meeting you once - and the name of your significant other and where you're from and what you like and what you dream."

In addition to the MBA degrees, three members of the class received law degrees as well. Nine other students had received MBA degrees earlier in the academic year and four other doctorates were awarded.

Twenty-one members of the Class of '97 earned Public Management Certificates, signifying that in addition to the work required for the MBA, they had taken a specific set of electives relating to the not-for-profit sector. Another 26 students completed the extra course work required to earn certificates in the Global Management Program in addition to their degrees.

Arjay Miller Scholars

Manisha Agrawal, Mills College

Christopher P. Aguas, Stanford

John A. Bartholdson, Duke

Scott A. Berney, Harvard

Sean M. Brown, Notre Dame

Anne M. Chard, Texas A&M

Scott R. Davidson, Harvard

Joseph S. Derringer, University of

James R. Dodd, Brown

Kevin A. Epstein, Brown

Kenneth M. Fine, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Eugenio Garza y Garza, ITESM, Mexico

Charles E. Glew, Harvard

Susan P. Graham, Stanford

David H. Gross, Princeton

Sharon C. Gross, Princeton

Alexander B. Guettel, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Thomas M. Hughes, Imperial College, London

Steven Kan, Harvard

David E. Kroner, University of Pennsylvania

Michael J. Laub, University of California-Berkeley

Thomas P. Lenehan, Georgetown

Kristi L. Mitchem, Davidson College

Robert L. Monkmeyer, Yale

Eric S. Mulkowsky, Brandeis

Bradley T. Olander, Cornell

Lucy C. O'Malley, University of Pennsylvania

Warren J. Packard, Stanford

James Paton, Cambridge

Theodore A. Roselund, Dartmouth

Michael L. Ross, Princeton

Joshua G. Silverman, Brown

Glenn B. Solomon, Stanford

Alexander Tauber, Carleton College

Jason M. Zajac, Stanford

Arbuckle Award

Carrie Culp, University of North
Carolina-Chapel Hill

Eric Mulkowsky, Brandeis SR