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Stanford Report, June 18, 1997

1997 Firestone and Golden Medal Recipients Honored

Firestone Medals for Excellence in Undergraduate Research and Robert M. Golden Medals for Excellence in Humanities and Creative Arts were awarded June 14 by John Shoven, dean of humanities and sciences, and Laura Selznick, director of the Undergraduate Research Opportunities office.

The Firestone award recognizes students undertaking honors projects in the social, physical and natural sciences, nominated by their academic programs or departments. The Golden award similarly distinguishes students completing honors projects in the humanities or creative projects in the fine arts. The medalists each received an engraved bronze medal, citation and check.

The awardees, their hometowns, departments or programs, projects and faculty sponsors follow:

Robert M. Golden Medals for Excellence in Humanities and Creative Arts

Mia Sarah Bruch; Berkeley; humanities special programs; "Idioms of Intellect: Lionel Trilling and Henry Louis Gates Jr."; Herbert S. Lindenberger, English, and Richard A. Gillam, American studies.

Mark Phillip Cordoba; Rancho Palos Verdes; Spanish and Portuguese; "The Impositions of Machismo in Contemporary Mexico: A Theoretical and Sociological Analysis"; Claire F. Fox, Spanish and Portuguese.

Benjamin Rudolph Delson; San Jose; linguistics; "Fiction and Disbelief"; Thomas Wasow, linguistics and philosophy.

Brooke Nicole Maylie; Portland, Ore.; drama; artistic creation in drama.

Anurag Raj Mehta; Nashville, Tenn.; philosophy; "Recentering the Incompatibilist/Compatibilist Debate on Free Will"; Michael E. Bratman, philosophy.

Andreea C. Nicoara; Houston; religious studies; "The Romanian Uniate Church After 1948"; Hester G. Gelber, religious studies.

Alison E. Post; San Diego; history; "The Great Society and Its Discontents: The Story and Impact of 'Community Action' in East Palo Alto, California"; David M. Kennedy, history.

Rachel C. St. John; Blue Jay, Calif.; history; "The Enterprise Reservoir: A Mormon Response to an Arid Environment"; Albert M. Camarillo, history.

Adam G. Seelig; Vancouver, B.C.; English; "Beckett's Dying Remains: The Creative Process in the Works of Samuel Beckett"; Gilbert Sorrentino, English.

Renita Kaul Thukral; Topeka, Kan.; American studies; "Back to the Neighborhoods: A History of the San Jose Unified School District's 25 Years of Desegregation"; Richard A. Gillam, American studies.

Gina A. Warnick; Tacoma, Wash.; music; artistic creation in music; Benjamin Simon, music.

Angie Kim Young; Pacific Palisades; ethics in society; "Providing a Justification for Parental Leave and Designing a Policy"; Debra M. Satz, philosophy.

Firestone Medals for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Sasha R. Abrams; Santa Cruz; psychology; "Effects of Incarceration on Adolescent Moral Reasoning"; David Rosenhan, psychology and law.

Amanda Anbar; South Orange, N.J.; psychology; "Measuring Cortical Effects of Amblyopia using fMRI: The Effects of Experience on Development"; Brian Wandell, psychology.

Maki Arakawa; Bellevue, Wash.; international relations; "Unusually Japanese?: The 'Comfort Women' System of World War II"; Daniel Okimoto, political science.

Erin R. Carlson; Seattle; human biology; "The Integrated Index of Ecosystem Health: Development and Application to Six Protected Zones in Costa Rica"; Carol Boggs, biological sciences.

Stacie L. Carney; Salem, Ore.; public policy; "The Effects of Managed Care Incentives on the Urgency of Emergency Department Visits"; Mark McClellan, economics.

Bryna T. Chang; Los Altos Hills; biological sciences; "Asymmetrically Localized Proteins and Mitotic Cleavage Orientation in the Developing Rodent Cerebral Cortex"; Susan K. McConnell, biological sciences.

Victoria I. Danilchouk; Odessa, Ukraine; economics; "Technical Change and the Nature of Competition: Electronic Stock Brokerage"; Timothy F. Bresnahan, economics.

Marcos Diaz Gonzalez; Vigo, Spain; urban studies; "The Linear City of Arturo Soria y Mata"; Paul V. Turner, art, and Frederic Stout, urban studies.

Scott C. Gerber; Stevenson Ranch, Calif.; political science; "Indirect Counsel: More's Utopia as Practical Philosophy"; Elisabeth Hansot, political science.

Theresa Ann Gurney; Eugene, Ore.; human biology; "Development of a Retroviral Packaging Vector to Characterize HIV-1 Transcriptional Regulation"; Gary P. Nolan, molecular pharmacology.

Sanjiv Harpavat; Lewisville, Texas; biological sciences; "Identification of Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Pathway Molecules Using Misexpression Studies in the Drosophila Compound Eye"; Michael Simon, biological sciences.

Alice Anne Jacobs; Los Angeles; biological sciences; "Tangential Neuronal Migration in the Developing Cerebral Cortex"; Susan K. McConnell, biological sciences.

David H. Jung; Loma Linda; biological sciences; "Overexpression of Patched Results in Changes in Neural Tube Gene Expression: Conservation of the Hedgehog-Patched Signaling Pathway"; Matthew P. Scott, developmental biology and genetics.

Catherine Liu; Irvine; human biology; "Determinants of Infant and Child Mortality in Sierra Leone: Strategies For Policy Intervention"; Paul F. Basch, health research and policy.

Julia K. Macías; St. Louis, Mo.; anthropology; "Somos La Protesta: Cultural Expresión and Protest of Guanatos Gangs"; George A. Collier, anthropology.

Racy L. Ming; Stanford; education; "Desegregation in a Diverse and Competitive Environment: Admissions at Lowell High School"; Luis R. Fraga, political science.

Elizabeth G. Munro; Portland, Ore.; biological sciences; "Oligodendrocytes Promote the Survival of Central Nervous System Neurons In Vitro and In Vivo"; Barbara A. Barres, neurobiology.

Andreea C. Nicoara; Houston; mathematics; "Properties of Almost Complex Manifold with Non-Integrable Almost Complex Structures"; Yakov Eliashberg, mathematics.

Matthew Owen Old; San Antonio, Texas; human biology; "Development of Chemiluminescent Probe Hybridization, RT-PCR and Nucleic Acid Cycle Sequencing Assays of Sabin Type 3 Isolates to Identify Base Pair 472 Sabin Type 3 Mutants Associated with Vaccine-Associated Paralytic Poliomyelitis"; Yvonne A. Maldonado, pediatrics.

Phillip S. Pang; Garland, Texas; biological sciences; "Redox Potential Stabilization by the Polypeptide in the Heme Protein Myoglobin"; Steven G. Boxer, chemistry.

Michael J. Putnam; Centerville, Utah; science, technology and society; "Computerization, Human Rights Advocacy and Organizational Change: A Case-Study of the Czech Helsinki Committee"; Robert E. McGinn, science, technology and society.

Gil Dan Rabinovici; Oakbrook, Ill.; biological sciences; "Ischemic Modulation of Cortical Micro-Eeg Activity in Rat Brain Slices"; M. Bruce MacIver, anesthesia.

Randall L. Reback; Short Hills, N.J.; economics; "The Effects of Competition Between Public School Districts: An Economic Analysis of Minnesota's Open Enrollment Program"; Thomas Nechyba, economics.

Timothy A. Roughgarden; Palo Alto; Institute for International Studies Goldman Honors Program; "Quantifying the Damage of Climatic Change: Implications for the DICE Model"; Stephen H. Schneider, biological sciences.

Katherine Joy Shen; Chesterfield, Mo.; biological sciences; "The Effects of Activated p21-ras on Differentiated Liver Functions;" Katherine Parker-Ponder, Washington University-St. Louis.

Filip Akira Stabrowski; South Pasadena; political science; "W(h)ither Solidarity?"; David J. Holloway, political science.

Megan Decker Walseth; Longview, Wash.; Latin American studies; "Reconstructive Remembering: Truth Commissions and Democracy in Chile and El Salvador"; Kathleen B. Morrison, Latin American studies.

Cynthia Ann Yock; Hillsborough; human biology; "Cost-Effectiveness Modeling of Coronary Interventions"; Peter J. Fitzgerald, cardiovascular medicine.

Peter Alwyn York; Englewood, Colo.; international relations; "Degrees of Success and Economic Integration in the Developing World: A Comparative Analysis of the Economic Community of West African States and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations"; David B. Abernethy, political science.

Irene Ann Yun; Honolulu, Hawaii; human biology; "The Role of Cortisol in Regulating Social Behavior and GnRH Releasing Neuronal Soma Size in Haplochromis burtoni"; Russell D. Fernald, psychology. SR