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Thomas Jaramillo

Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering and of Photon Science; Senior Fellow, Precourt Institute for Energy




Thomas Jaramillo and his lab, recognizing  unprecedented motivation for the emergence of new energy technologies, are working on alternate technologies that can compete economically with fossil fuels. They want to  develop means to produce energy (or energy carriers) from renewable sources and then convert them to work as efficiently and cleanly as possible. Catalysis is energy conversion, and the Jaramillo laboratory focuses on fundamental catalytic processes occurring on solid-state surfaces in both the production and consumption of energy. Chemical-to-electrical and electrical-to-chemical energy conversion are at the core of the research. Nanoparticles, metals, alloys, sulfides, nitrides, carbides, phosphides, oxides, and biomimetic organo-metallic complexes comprise the toolkit of materials that can help change the energy landscape. Tailoring catalyst surfaces to fit the chemistry is the primary challenge.