Around the Farm

King Center on Global Development —

Authoritarian government censorship, propaganda, and Big Data

Jennifer Pan was a second-year PhD student in political science when she stumbled on a data gold mine. She and a small team were gathering millions of Chinese social media posts for an algorithm they were developing that could analyze Chinese language text. Along the way, they noticed that the links to hundreds of thousands of the posts no longer worked.

Stanford Law —

Stanford Law expert speaks about Mueller testimony

Stanford Law Professor David Sklansky, a former federal prosecutor, discusses his testimony, highlights from the report and charges that came out of the investigation.

Bill Lane Center for the American West —

Gaining in public acceptance, can prescribed fires head off devastating wildfires?

An academic study supports the notion that one way to mitigate wildfires is clearing out trees, brush and brambles in the forest understory, often with prescribed burns. But proponents face a slew of obstacles, from pollution concerns and shrinking seasonal windows, to the vast scale of undertreated western forestland.

Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences —

Many Dallas-Fort Worth area faults have potential to host earthquakes

Researchers have mapped more than 250 faults totaling more than 1,800 miles in combined length to determine the majority of faults underlying the Fort Worth Basin are sensitive to changes in stress that could cause them to slip and generate earthquakes.