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Stanford Medicine —

Pandemic sparked key innovations, experts say

In the final installment of The Pandemic Puzzle: Lessons from COVID-19, leaders in government, academia, health care and business said biomedical and digital health advances of the last few years will help combat future health crises.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Steve Kerr on the importance of work-life balance

In this View From The Top podcast episode, the NBA coach shares how his leadership style and values on the court mimic what he practices at home.

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory —

Researchers probe secrets of natural antibiotic assembly lines

In two new papers, researchers used X-ray crystallography and cryogenic electron microscopy to reveal new details of the structure and function of molecular assembly lines that produce common antibiotics.

Stanford Medicine —

Pandemic shows need to overhaul public health system, experts say

In the third installment of “The Pandemic Puzzle: Lessons from COVID-19,” leaders and experts in government, academia, health care and business said the U.S. government must step up to build and coordinate a true, robust public health system.

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory —

BICEP3 tightens the bounds on cosmic inflation

A new analysis of the South Pole-based telescope’s cosmic microwave background observations has all but ruled out several popular models of inflation.