Around the Farm

Stanford Medicine —

Study sheds light on the genetics of hibernation

Identifying genes behind torpor and hibernation in ground squirrels could ultimately help scientists understand and develop treatments for human heart attacks or strokes, or maintaining muscle mass during prolonged bouts of bed rest.

Stanford Engineering —

The air is making us sick

The connection between bad air and bad health is growing clearer by the day. One allergy specialist says that real change starts at home, but ends on a much larger scale.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

When private-sector firms create a culture of health

Investments in employees, consumers, communities and the environment vary widely. A new study reveals this range and the hurdles to measuring success.

Precourt Institute for Energy —

Q&A: Why we continue burning coal for energy

Mark Thurber, associate director of the Program on Energy & Sustainable Development, discusses why coal use persists despite its damaging effects.