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Stanford Medicine —

Ask me anything: Brain health and cognition

Sharon Sha, who specializes in cognitive and neurodegenerative disorders, answers questions about brain health and cognition, from how to sharpen your focus to the best foods for avoiding memory loss.

Stanford Earth —

Summer reading: Inspiring curiosity and critical thinking about sustainability

Whether you’re ready for a memoir of science in action, an ode to coral reefs, or a firsthand account of how scientists came to understand the processes behind global warming, faculty and scholars associated with the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability have recommendations.

Stanford Graduate School of Education —

Making space for variations in language

In this episode of School's In, education Professor Anne Charity Hudley talks about how Black students navigate the designated parameters of language in higher education.

Stanford Law School —

Suggestions for summer reading

Looking for a good book or two to dig into this summer? Now in its 11h year, the Stanford Law School faculty’s summer reading list offers up some of our professors’ favorite reads.

Stanford Medicine —

Demystifying egg freezing in medicine

A Stanford surgical resident shares her story behind why she decided to freeze her eggs in the hopes that she can demystify the process.

FSI | Shorenstein APARC —

North Korea’s geopolitics, South Korea’s pop culture wave take center stage at Korea Program’s 20th anniversary conference

The Korea Program at Stanford’s Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center marked its 20-year anniversary with a two-day conference that gathered eminent leaders from academia, government, and the K-pop industry, including former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and global star SUHO, leader of K-pop group EXO.