Around the Farm

Stanford Medicine —

Busting myths about milk

Christopher Gardner is working to clear up some of the biggest misconceptions we have about milk.

Bill Lane Center for the American West —

Pumped storage hydropower as an answer to California’s energy needs

This summer, I have been working with others in the Power and Risk Office to adapt a pumped storage financial model to analyze current and future conditions at Oroville, where two power plants already produce a significant amount of electricity as water is released to the Feather River from Lake Oroville.

Center on Global Poverty and Development —

Graduate student grant recipient measures impact of piped water

James Winter is now measuring how transitioning to a high-quality source of water piped directly to a household’s yard can impact household economic activity, female entrepreneurship, and water quality.

Stanford School of Engineering —

Jeffrey Pfeffer: Your job is killing you

On the Future of Everything radio show, a professor of organizational behavior discusses what's gone wrong at the workplace … and what we can do about it.

Stanford Medicine —

Brain circuit tied to sociability

Autism spectrum disorder is marked by severe social deficits. Stanford researchers were able to reverse those types of deficits in mice by activating a single brain circuit.