Around the Farm

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

How to be a good boss in trying times

Good leadership can be a challenge in the best of times. But amid an unprecedented pandemic and economic crisis, even the best bosses are struggling.

Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign —

Health technology showcase

In Stanford Biodesign’s project-based courses, student teams compete for and are awarded Biodesign NEXT extension funding for further development of early-stage technologies and business plans, with the hope of ultimately making a difference for patients.

Clayman Institute for Gender Research —

Gender and the pandemic

Experts in gender research offer insights on the gendered effects of COVID-19 and the intersecting inequalities highlighted by the pandemic.

Stanford Medicine —

Using technology to improve health in America’s rural West

Characterized by geographic remoteness and a general scarcity of health care providers, the U.S. rural West is home to many low-income, aging and chronically ill Americans, who struggle disproportionately with opioid addiction, obesity, mental health issues and more.

Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies —

China faces tough decisions and stronger headwinds

China has had great success, but the era of miracle growth is over. Citizen needs and expectations are rising, and deferred reforms are riskier and more necessary, explain Jean Oi and Thomas Fingar on the World Class Podcast

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory —

How iron transforms under pressure

New research could offer insights into the formation of planets like Earth and inform the design of more resilient materials.