Around the Farm

Stanford Medicine —

Protective bubbles and ‘spacesuits’: SARS-CoV-2 in the lab

When postdoctoral medical fellow Arjun Rustagi traveled to Southern California in January 2020 to learn lab safety protocols for contagious and potentially lethal pathogens, he didn’t know that he’d soon be applying his training to a virus so threatening it would shut down the world.

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research —

Evaluating the future of work in California

SIEPR and the Stanford Digital Economy Lab (S-DEL) are conducting research that will help evaluate how artificial intelligence and machine learning will impact the future of work in California.

Stanford Engineering —

The Brown Institute announces new programs and grants

The Brown Institute for Media Innovation, a collaboration between Columbia Journalism School and Stanford Engineering, announce the winners of its inaugural “Impact Grants.”

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research —

Hooked on your smartphone?

Research by Stanford economist Matthew Gentzkow and colleagues sheds new light on people’s digital tendencies. They estimate that self-control problems are responsible for 31 percent of the time that people in their study spend on social media.

Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence —

When ‘greedy’ is good

Stanford researchers have mapped a more efficient way to conduct the kinds of massive A/B tests tech companies rely upon.