StanfordVotes urges students to turn out on Super Tuesday

Organizers for the campus-wide campaign StanfordVotes share why student-voter turnout next week is so important.

Next Tuesday, voters in 14 states, including California, will head to the polls to cast their ballots this primary season. It will be the largest collective voting event since the Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada primaries earlier this month, and the South Carolina primary this weekend.

Co-directors of StanfordVotes Alex Chau and Chase Small attend a voter registration event at White Plaza. (Image credit: Courtesy Chase Small)

Here on the Farm, volunteers with StanfordVotes are continuing to generate excitement around voting and urge the campus community to participate. StanfordVotes co-director Chase Small shares why student-participation is so crucial this election season, how the campaign is generating excitement and what students can expect to happen at Stanford on Super Tuesday.


What is your best argument for why Stanford students ought to make the effort to vote?

Our vote is the primary way we express our voice in our democracy. The decisions our government makes have a direct impact on our lives and careers. Voting allows us to have a say in this and speak up for those who cannot vote.


What is StanfordVotes doing to generate excitement and improve voter turnout for Super Tuesday?

StanfordVotes hosted a Party at the Post Office last Tuesday to generate excitement around Super Tuesday voting and provide resources for students to send in their absentee ballots. We were excited about how many people we were able to assist in sending in their absentee ballot and absentee ballot request form. Over the next week, we will be working with our StanfordVotes representatives, state experts and volunteers across campus to get the word out about Super Tuesday.


What will happen at Stanford on Super Tuesday? And will it involve food?

Students will be able to register and vote at Tresidder on Tuesday. The ASSU is also hosting a Super Tuesday Watch Party at Tresidder Arbor (Barillaga) with burritos and beer.


Is it too late for students to register?

It’s not too late to register! Students on campus can register absentee back home or vote from their Stanford address. For some states, it is too late to register for the primary. If that’s the case, you can register at Tresidder and vote in California or register in time for the general and local elections back home. For more information, check out the resources on