Stories published in 2019

Looking back on the renaming process at Stanford

Among those credited with leading and sustaining the effort proposed by Native American students to rename landmarks honoring Junipero Serra is Carson Smith, now a graduate student at Oxford. She reflects on lessons learned about ameliorating the pain inflicted by California’s mission system.

Stanford Law School —

Q&A: David Sklansky on articles of impeachment

Stanford Law Professor David Sklansky, a former federal prosecutor, explains what the Constitution says about impeachment and next steps in this historic process.

Makerspaces at Stanford

Dozens of spaces at Stanford help students and faculty – and, in some cases, staff and community members – explore their inner maker while also supporting those who are experienced creators.

In a war perceived as just, many Americans excuse war criminals

Political scientist Scott Sagan finds that almost half of Americans are willing to allow a war crime – a massacre of innocent women and children – to go unpunished when they believe the act was committed by soldiers fighting for a just cause.

Stanford Athletics —

Women win soccer championship

Stanford women’s soccer team beat North Carolina on penalty kicks, 5-4, to win the NCAA championship on Sunday.