Stories published in 2016

Stanford Law School —

What are the ethical obligations of U.S. presidents?

Legal historian and ethics expert Robert W. Gordon discusses potential challenges facing President-elect Donald Trump, a businessman with holdings and interests across the country and around the globe.

Stanford Medicine —

Roeland Nusse wins $3 million Breakthrough Prize

The developmental biologist was honored for helping to decode how Wnt signaling proteins affect embryonic development, cancer and the activity of tissue-specific adult stem cells that repair damage after injury or disease.

Worm larva is like a swimming head

Most animals we study have adult-like bodies early in their development. But researchers at Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station have found that certain marine worms live for months as little more than a head.

Stanford is shedding light on career paths in the arts

From lunchtime Q&As with professional artists to a yearlong opportunity to explore the music industry, Stanford is building a wide variety of professional development opportunities for students who want to explore careers in the arts.