Stanford statement on SAE fraternity

Stanford University has issued the following statement regarding the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity: 

Stanford has conducted an investigation this spring relating to the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, focusing on concerns regarding intimidation and retaliation toward other students and the fraternity’s compliance with its alcohol and social suspension.

The investigation found that members of the fraternity engaged in intimidation or retaliation on two occasions in recent months, in violation of university policy. The first involved an incident in which SAE members deterred a female student from reporting a potential Title IX concern involving SAE. The second involved intimidating and retaliatory conduct, including acts of cyberbullying, directed at another student based on a false belief that the student had reported Title IX concerns about SAE.

The investigation also found that members of the fraternity held social events at the house with non-members and had alcohol in common areas of the house on several occasions in recent months. These actions violated clear terms the university imposed in February as a result of a previous investigation into an SAE event that was found to have created a hostile environment for female students, in violation of Title IX and university policy.

The university recognizes that some members of SAE sought to comply with the university restrictions and encourage their fellow fraternity members to do likewise. However, those members were not successful. Moreover, the university finds most egregious and will not tolerate conduct that intimidates students for speaking out when they believe they or others have been wronged.

SAE had been informed, as a result of the previous investigation, that it would not be able to have an on-campus house for the next two academic years. At that time, SAE was cautioned that any further misconduct could result in additional sanctions, up to and including loss of charter recognition.

As a result of the new investigation, the following sanctions are being imposed:

  • SAE will be an unhoused fraternity. The two-year suspension of on-campus housing privileges will continue indefinitely.
  • SAE will be on probationary status for a period of three academic years. The chapter will continue to be a recognized student organization; however, it will be considered a chapter not in good standing.
  • Representatives from SAE national headquarters and alumni will conduct, in partnership with Stanford, a full membership review of current members. This membership review, to be completed by the end of the fall 2015 quarter, is to determine whether each member is living up to the standards and ideals of the fraternity. If not, SAE will be expected to dismiss any such member from the chapter.
  • For the remainder of the current academic year, SAE is to have no alcohol in the current house or surrounding property, is not permitted to have non-member guests in the house, and is not permitted to sponsor any social events.

SAE will have the ability to appeal the decision to Provost John Etchemendy.