Welcome back to the punny farm!

Lagunita residents
Student staff at Lagunita welcome new students with their Laguna Matata T-shirts. (Photo: Linda Cicero)

Each year, student resident assistants in the dorms rack their brains to come up with clever themes based—sometimes quite loosely—on the name of their residences. Criteria? The theme has to be witty, applicable to picture-window artwork and suited to a T-shirt design. And if it can fit into a dorm chant, all the better.

This year, movies proved to be a popular basis for punny themes among the students who staff residences accommodating freshmen. For instance, Ujamaa, the African American theme program located in Lagunita Court, adopted the theme UJAMaa, based on the 1996 movie Space Jam, starring Michael Jordan and the Looney Toons. Other houses within Lagunita Court opted for Laguna Matata, which harks to a popular song made famous in the Lion King movie.

Next door, Roble staff came up with RetRoble, with every hall in the 300-student dorm reflecting the history of a different era. The basement “penthouse,” for instance, celebrates the prehistoric era.

Florence Moore staff could be seen welcoming new students on move-in day wearing “All You Need is Flove” T-shirts. The seven houses within Florence Moore came up with individual movie-related themes, including Gaviloro, based on Game of Thrones (Gavilan and Loro), Woody CardinAllen (Cardinal) and Tim Burtondra (Alondra).

On the east side of campus, several residences in the Wilbur complex also found inspiration in the movies: The Rincredibles (Rinconada) and TrancOZ (Trancos). Other themes included J-Road Trip (Junipero), Oteroman Empire (Otero), Picassota (Soto) and Arroyosemite National Park (Arroyo).

Students down the street in the Stern complex chose Serrassic Park (Serra), Burbanchors Aweigh (Burbank), Twainber of Secrets (Twain), Donner Corleone (Donner) and To Larkinfinity and Beyond (Larkin).