Richard Zare awarded China’s top foreign prize

Richard Zare
Richard Zare

China has presented RICHARD ZARE with the highest honor the country awards to foreign scientists.

Zare, the Marguerite Blake Wilbur Professor in Natural Science, recently traveled to Beijing to accept the International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Award of the People’s Republic of China, a national science and technology award established by the State Council. The award is granted to foreign scientists, engineers, managers or organizations that have made important contributions to China’s bilateral or multilateral scientific and technological cooperation. See video of the ceremony.

Zare is renowned for his work in both physical and analytical chemistry. In particular, his contributions to the field of laser chemistry have resulted in a greater understanding of chemical reactions at the molecular level.

The award also recognizes Zare’s efforts in cooperating with Chinese scientists. During his tenure as chairman of the National Science Board of the United States, he encouraged communication between China’s and America’s science foundations. Zare also serves as a foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and has co-authored 169 articles with Chinese researchers.