Ask Stanford Med: Cardiologist Jennifer Tremmel takes questions on women’s heart health

More than 432,000 women die each year from heart diseases, which is 10 times as many women who die from breast cancer. Moreover, previous research has shown that a significant percentage of women have a limited knowledge of heart disease and are unfamiliar with the tell-tale signs of heart attack, including sharp pain in the back, neck or jaw and shortness of breath.

The Medical School’s SCOPE blog asked Stanford interventional cardiologist JENNIFER TREMMEL, founding clinical director of the Women’s Heart Health program at Stanford, to respond to your questions on the growing body of research on women and cardiovascular disease, and how women differ from men.

Questions can be submitted to Tremmel by either sending a tweet that includes the hashtag #AskSUMed or by posting your questions in the comments section  of the SCOPE blog post. Questions will be collected until Friday, May 4 at 5 p.m.


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Also, here’s a video of Tremmel on women’s heart health.