Campus mourns death of student Jalen Paukan

The Stanford community is grieving the death of Jalen Jimmy Paukan, a senior from remote St. Mary's, Alaska, who was an active member of the Stanford Native American community.

Stanford Pulitzer Prize-winning historian dies at 93

A leading post-World War II historian, Stanford Professor Carl Degler was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his groundbreaking 1972 book on slavery and race relations. One colleague described him as a scholar who crossed disciplinary boundaries and challenged conventional pieties.

Ronald McKinnon / Sunny Scott

Conference, memorial set for Ron McKinnon

A Jan. 9-10 conference and memorial are planned in honor of Stanford economist Ron McKinnon, who died Oct. 1 at age 79. McKinnon was an applied economist whose primary interests were international economics and economic development.

Patrick Suppes, Stanford philosopher, scientist and Silicon Valley entrepreneur, dies at 92

Patrick Suppes' long career at Stanford began in 1950. As both a philosopher and scientist, he influenced a large number of fields. Drawing on his experience as an army meteorologist, he once compared predicting the weather to economics, both handling a vast flow of non-experimental data. As a successful entrepreneur he was also a leading donor to educational activities at Stanford.

Edwin Good / Chuck Painter

Stanford religious studies Professor Emeritus Edwin Good dies at 86

A Hebrew Bible scholar and piano historian, Edwin Good was known for his literary approach to ancient Hebrew texts and his passion for early pianos.

Memorial service planned for alumnus Dan Ha

Ha, who graduated in 2010 with a degree in computer science, was a co-president of his senior class and went on to co-found StartX, a non-profit startup accelerator intended to help Stanford-affiliated entrepreneurs.

Stanford Professor Emeritus David Nivison dies at 91

A pioneer in the field of Chinese philosophy, Stanford Professor David Nivison bridged the gap between Western philosophical inquiry and traditional Chinese thought.

Harden McConnell, distinguished chemistry professor at Stanford, dies

Harden McConnell made pioneering advances in magnetic resonance and cell biology. Many of the discoveries and techniques attributed to his work have become fundamental parts of chemistry education.

Memorial service and reception for Henry S. Breitrose scheduled Nov. 18

Colleagues described Breitrose, who taught the history of film and film aesthetics at Stanford for more than five decades, as a man "absolutely in love" with film.

Ronald McKinnon / Sunny Scott

Stanford economics Professor Emeritus Ronald McKinnon dies at 79

A leading thinker in the field of international economics, Ronald McKinnon was one of the first academics to analyze "financial repression" as a substantial barrier to successful economic development. One colleague described him as an "intellectual giant" throughout the Stanford community and beyond.