Stanford headlines for October 2012

More than 200 pianos make music accessible and nearly inescapable at Stanford
In a series of gatherings, Stanford discusses the ethics of wealth
First weekend in October at Stanford: A reunion, a roundtable, a forum and the Founders' Celebration
Stanford Roundtable discusses your brain, your life and brain science in the 21st century
Getting to know you: Stanford scholar examines domestic surveillance in the USSR
Campus celebrates the life of former President Richard Lyman
Q&A: Stanford scholar on challenges to clean and fair elections
Stanford artist Terry Berlier makes art from trash, and from a twisted home
Tanner Lectures at Stanford: Is technology the answer for 'cost disease' in higher education?
Stanford's 2012 safety report offers valuable tips on emergency preparation, as well as crime stats
Stanford's Roundtable panelists discuss healthy brains and the exciting frontiers of neuroscience
Stanford honors the enduring memory of its founders with music, dancing and displays of Stanford family artifacts
Stanford researchers show oil palm plantations are clearing carbon-rich tropical forests in Borneo
Grammar and syntax make their MOOC debut in course taught by Stanford scientist
Scratching the surface: Stanford engineers examine UV effects on skin mechanics
Stanford scholar studies a time when books reigned
University to test AlertSU system on Friday
Stanford's first-of-its kind energy facility will help it cut carbon emissions in half
Fact sheet on work by Nobel laureate in chemistry Brian Kobilka
Brain scans can predict children's reading ability, Stanford researchers say
Energy facility dirt removal adds to campus traffic challenges
Stanford scientist Brian Kobilka wins Nobel Prize for Chemistry
Nobel laureate Brian Kobilka possesses passion for science, shuns limelight and loves cinnamon toast
A busy morning for Stanford Nobel laureate Brian Kobilka
Nobel Prize work on G-protein-coupled receptors paves way for drug discoveries
Press Conference: Brian K. Kobilka, 2012 Nobel Prize Recipient in Chemistry
Slide show: Stanford Professor Brian Kobilka wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Panel to discuss units in majors at today's Faculty Senate meeting
Ceremonial turning of the soil delights the Anderson family and guests
Stanford studies up for Nov. 6 election
Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality unveils new 'Recession Trends' website
Senate discusses student workload and Stanford's computing infrastructure, and applauds Bass University Fellows
Universities suffering from near-fatal 'cost disease'
Stanford's 'Another Look' to discuss the best books you've never read
Report of the president: Academic Council Professoriate appointments
Stanford visiting Professor Alvin Roth wins Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics
Legal brief from Stanford, other universities to be considered in affirmative action case
At Stanford, scholars debate the promises, pitfalls of online learning
Economist Alvin Roth talks about his research, winning the Nobel Memorial Prize
Press Conference: Economist Alvin Roth on winning the Nobel Memorial Prize
Stanford trustees plan for the future, bid farewell to one of their own
James and Anna Marie Spilker pledge $28 million to Stanford
Stanford releases fiscal year fundraising results
Stanford researchers use solar power to study wild elephants in Africa
Stanford biologists watch RNA fold in real time
MediaX grants support Stanford researchers as they study how content is created, consumed and curated
Stanford experts pose five foreign policy questions to candidates
Open Enrollment begins Friday: Materials now available to make health care plan decisions
New Stanford analysis provides fuller picture of human expansion from Africa
Faculty Senate will devote Thursday's meeting to online education
Chi-Chang Kao named SLAC director
Stanford researchers measure impact of football concussions
Study shows Stanford alumni create nearly $3 trillion in economic impact each year
What does Obamacare actually do, you ask? You're not alone, says Stanford pollster.
Candidates may be better off buying web ads than investing too heavily in TV, Stanford researcher says
Faculty Senate grapples with the possibilities and challenges of online learning
Is the Latino vote up for grabs? Stanford pollster says no
Video tells students with disabilities that Stanford is ready to help them navigate the Farm
The end of cheap oil calls for a balanced approach to energy production, Stanford scientists say
Michael Ignatieff, former leader of the Canadian Liberal Party, urges a return to civility and compromise in politics
Stanford study helps Costa Rica decide on building airport in ecotourism area
The presidential candidates on education: Stanford experts analyze the details
From the Bible to the lab: Stanford scholar decodes the near-death experience
Stanford monitoring concerns about East Coast hurricane
Stanford Election Atlas maps votes, polling place by polling place
Disaster relief helps the incumbent in presidential campaigns, Stanford study finds
Stanford scientists build the first all-carbon solar cell
Disaster relief helps the incumbent, Stanford research shows
Taming mavericks: Stanford researchers use synthetic magnetism to control light