Stanford headlines for December 2012

Titan, Saturn's largest moon, icier than thought, say Stanford scientists
iStanford for iPad released
Stanford launches new center to advance 'information age of genomics'
How a Stanford professor liberates large lectures
Stanford School of Engineering names new engineering heroes
Himalayas and Pacific Northwest could experience major earthquakes, Stanford geophysicists say
Schools resegregate after being freed from judicial oversight, Stanford study shows
Faculty Senate chair describes trajectory of his academic career
Economist Martin Feldstein receives 2012 SIEPR Prize at Stanford, calls for a cap on taxpayer benefits
Stanford researchers find clues to the Baltic Crusades in animal bones, horses and the extinct aurochs
Stanford scholar finds that Russia's most infamous tsars weren't so terrible after all
Teaching in the streets of Istanbul, Stanford historian urges students to look beyond the monuments
Stanford population biologist calls for realignment of human activity and natural systems
Last year was a 'very busy year' for the Committee on Graduate Studies
Stanford moving ahead with 50-year conservation plan
The archives of Road & Track magazine come to Stanford
Infants process faces long before they recognize other objects, Stanford vision researchers find
Stanford experts on North Korea's long-range rocket test
Stanford Board of Trustees chair says serendipity and people key to success
Stanford experiment finds ulcer bug's weak point
For Stanford programming class, the bigger the better
Stanford offers early admission to 725 students
Stanford University reports FY 2012 financial results
Trustees talk about exciting changes in Stanford's arts landscape
Update on gas pipeline replacement and testing near campus
Checking in with the Chocolate Heads, Stanford's student “movement band”
Stanford education experts help launch a new rigorous curriculum for English language learners
Students from across campus bring Beethoven to Bing
Export American natural gas? Not so fast, says Stanford economist
Online trove of university photographs keeps growing
Authors sharing royalties make a difference for first-time authors at Stanford University Press
Zinn's influential history textbook has problems, says Stanford education expert
Stanford football fans near and far catch Rose Bowl fever
Made in translation: Stanford scholar explores Italian-Chinese collaborations in fashion
Stanford operations research expert Arthur Veinott dies at 78
Stanford researchers develop acrobatic space rovers to explore moons and asteroids