In the News

The New York Times —

Trump inherits a secret cyberwar against North Korean missiles

Article uotes Amy Zegart, senior fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies and at the Hoover Institution and co-director of the Center for International Security and Cooperation. Also quotes William Perry, professor emeritus of management science and engineering and senior fellow emeritus at Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies. 

The New Yorker —

Trump, Putin, and the new Cold War

Article cites research co-authored by Matthew Gentzkow, professor of economics and senior fellow at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research.

Thrillist —

Watch this machine read someone’s mind to type words

Jaimie Henderson, professor of neurosurgery, and Krishna Shenoy, professor of electrical engineering, are co-senior authors of a study on a brain-to-computer hookup that enables people with paralysis to type via direct brain control.