Around the Farm

Bill Lane Center for the American West —

Learning to become a historical ecology detective

Historical ecology is an incredible new field of research that uses historical documents and accounts to understand the history of the landscape itself.

Stanford Medicine —

Social influences can override aggression in male mice

A tiny set of nerve cells in a male mouse’s brain activates aggression. A new Stanford study shows that the male’s susceptibility to this activation depends on whether it has been housed with other mice or in isolation.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

How to stop white-collar crime

A federal judge says fear of prison is the best way to deter bad behavior.

Graduate School of Business —

What do we really want?

A new study examines the battle between idealized attitudes and those we actually have.

Stanford Law —

Undemocratic pardoning

President Trump may indeed possess the raw power to pardon himself; but the question that should be foremost on Trump’s mind is whether such a pardon would be the final straw in bringing down his regime.