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Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research —

Trump’s budget chief answers student questions at SIEPR

Stanford students seized an opportunity on Thursday to get direct answers from the White House budget chief on a slew of hot-button issues facing the administration.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Silicon Valley’s unicorns are overvalued

New research examines fair market value of startups worth over $1 billion and finds huge discrepancies in their purported worth.

Stanford Medicine —

In-home care of dementia patients falls mainly on women

As the population ages, a surge in patients with dementia will place an inordinate burden on working women, risking “hard-fought gains for equality in the workplace,” according to Stanford researchers.

Stanford Medicine —

California handgun sales spiked after two mass shootings

In the six weeks after the Newtown and San Bernardino mass shootings, handguns sales jumped in California, yet there is little research on why — or on the implications for public health, according to a Stanford researcher.