Around the Farm

Bill Lane Center for the American West —

Decarbonizing California’s energy diet

California’s ambitious energy goals may lead the state toward an economy far less reliant on carbon-based fuels than ever before. But how quickly?

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Humor is serious business

Humor is an effective and underleveraged tool for power. Humorist Joel Stein explains research on the subject by Stanford scholars Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

The internet of changing things

The spread of connected devices is shifting business models and changing what it means to make and sell a product.

Stanford Medicine —

Virtual reality system helps surgeons, reassures patients

A new software system that combines imaging from MRIs, CT scans and angiograms creates a three-dimensional model that physicians and patients can see and manipulate – just like a virtual reality game.

Stanford Graduate School of Education —

Preschool: What to look for, how to prepare

Stanford education Professor Deborah Stipek shares advice for choosing and making the most of a child’s first classroom experience.